Is CBD oil and Hemp seed oil the same? Let’s see…

In this article, we’ll closely look at the question, does CBD oil and Hemp seed oil the same? Many times we confuse CBD oil and Hemp seed oil. The answer to this is Cannabis CBD oil and hemp seed oil is different altogether. They both are extracted from separate parts of the plant but have different properties.

hemp oilWhat is the significant difference?

Hemp seed oil has a few traces of CBD content. Hemp seed oil is derived by the process of cold compression. By the process of cold compression, many nutrients like vitamin E and poly saturated fatty acids are easy to retain.

CBD cannabis oil is made by extracting compound CBD from leaves, flowers, and stalks.

Now you might think again, does Hemp contain CBD oil? The hemp oil is harvested from seeds that have a superficial concentration of CBD. So, even though hemp oil does contain CBD, it’s in low and minimal quantities.

Avoiding confusion with benefits of CBD and hemp seed oil 

Now that you’ve realized that both hemp oil and CBD oil are completed different products despite being extracted from the same plant. It is also essential to understand their use and purpose.

Uses of hemp cannabis seed oil

  • Hemp seed oil is used for cooking purposes in minimal amounts. It is drizzled on rice and salads or even homemade mayonnaise.
  • It can also contain omega 6 and omega 3, poly saturated fats that aren’t synthesized by our human body.
  • However, they help in ensuring good cholesterol in our body.

If you’re considering a healthier option, then hemp seed oil fits your needs.

Uses of CBD tinctured oil

  • Can treat pain amongst arthritis patients who suffer inflammation and joint pain.
  • CBD oil promotes good immune health and a proper balance of hormones
  • It induces sound sleep and stimulates the functioning of serotonin.
  • CBD derived oil has more health benefits

 Which  of the two is better?

Taking into account the larger picture, both serve different problems and purposes. Hemp seed oil leans more towards nutritional value, and CBD oil treats medical conditions correctly. But when it comes to treating pain relief, nothing can work better than CBD extraction oil.

hemp oil

hemp oil

 Be aware of the risk involved while using the products

There are many potential drawbacks of using Hemp seed and CBD oil. It’s extremely advisable to be aware of their hazardous effects.  Do some research and see if cannabis is the right products for you.

How to choose the brand and quantity wisely?

Choose a reputable brand that provides good quality cannabis products. Certified brands such as Weedoin-it offer you a facility of batch tests that showcases different percentages of cannabinoid levels.

Note: Both CBD and hemp oil have constant nutritional and medicinal value, but it is essential to consult your doctor.