On The Fence About CBD Pain Relief Cream?

CBD Pain reliefWhether you’re the king of an island or a beggar in the slums, everyone experiences some form of pain. As we grow and evolve, our search for relief from pain only increases. But with modern medicine and the advancement of science, we are more equipped than ever to pursue our goal.

CBD has grown in popularity following research and experiments that found it to contain very valuable properties, properties that would now have it applied in various forms for human use. Applications like drugs, CBD oil, CBD pain relief cream, CBD tincture, CBD vapes to name a few.

Certain conditions can put the body in a state of chronic pain (continuous pain over a long period of time) merely as a symptom, but sadly, the current medications available for pain relief come with a large number side effects. This has always been a shortcoming in the medical world.

What does CBD bring to the table?

CBD has been found to contain strong anti-inflammatory abilities as well as a number of other beneficial properties. Worried about side effects? CBD pain relief creams report little to zero side effects.

The reported side effects from the use of CBD include nausea, fatigue, dizziness, and dry mouth. These side effects were reported from different routes of administration of CBD, with the topical route eliciting the fewest side effects. This is why CBD creams for pain relief have been praised for its effectiveness.

Although research suggests a higher potency when used in combination with THC, CBD used commercially is typically employed with little to no THC which is the psychoactive component found in Cannabis plant.

The main types include;

  • Full spectrum CBD: This is the full extraction from the Cannabis plant. This type usually carries extra components asides CBD but can only have less than 0.3% THC as is law.
  • Broad spectrum CBD: This type incorporates other beneficial components of the Cannabis plant but fewer that full spectrum CBD. This may also contain THC but only in trace amounts.
  • Isolates: This is as the name suggests. CBD is isolated from the extract and used as an isolate. CBD isolate tends to exhibit weaker effects as compared to broad or full spectrum.

Why you should consider a CBD pain relief cream

A cream is applied on the skin and sinks into the skin to deliver its effect (typically deodorizing). A pain relief ointment acts in the same way to soothe sub dermal pain.

Research has been carried out which included groups who used CBD pain relief creams, pain relief creams without CBD, and a control group.

It reported higher number of participants who observed light to significant improvement on the pain felt in the group who used CBD pain relief cream which was significantly higher than the number of participants who felt relief in the other groups.

Other studies which took different doses of the CBD into account recorded a higher effect at lower doses for some participants, so it’s always a good idea to consult your doctor to know exact how much is best for you.