Could CBD be the Perfect Solution to PMS in Women?


A good number of females world over experience some level of discomfort before their expected monthly menstrual flow. Some suffer pains in sensitive parts of their bodies like the breasts, nipples, and sometimes the vagina.

cbd tinctureThis article discusses PMS and CBD oil.  CBD Hemp oil is a type of oil derived from the cannabis plant, and it is used in the treatment of a varying number of illnesses.

PMS is an acronym for Pre-Menstrual Symptoms. This is a term used to account for the several symptoms that occur in a female’s body, typically between the expected weeks of menstrual flow and ovulation. Research and examination of women have mentioned pain, mood swings, cramps, anxiety, restlessness, fatigue, loss of appetite, anger, among others, to be a few of these symptoms.

In a bid to seek relief for the woman, several studies have been carried out to find possible solutions and remedies for the woman. Interestingly, some of these researches have pointed out that these symptoms can only be managed, which explains the many recommended remedies. However, there has been an outstanding tilt to the potency of CBD Hemp oil for women having PMS.

CBD Oil Manages Several PMS, As Revealed In A 2021 Research

  1. CBD oil against headache: A research has explained that the use of CBD oil at the appropriate time reduces the chances of having a headache as PMS.
  2. CBD oil against anxiety: During an examination conducted in recent research, a lady has admitted to being calm after consumption of CBD oil. CBD’s active fight against anxiety is the most popular of all its functions.
  3. CBD oil against menstrual cramps: The contraction in the uterus which causes pain during menstrual flow is known as menstrual cramps. Earlier studies claim the CBD Hemp oil has chemical components responsible for reducing pain. A similar study has revealed that Canada in 2005 approved the use of a certain medication that has equal amounts of CBD and THC to treat chronic-non cancer pain and cancer pain that is unresponsive to other medications.
  4. CBD oil against loss of appetite: Resulting from the hormonal changes in a woman’s body, many seem to lose appetite for food consumption during this period. Taking two teaspoons of CBD oil is said to restore lost appetite.
  5. CBD oil and hormonal changes: Most pre-menstrual symptoms are a result of the changes in human hormones. Consumption of CBD Hemp in any form causes an alteration in the hormone secretion as well, which works to restore the body’s normal order. It also alters or acts on the cell reception and general hormone breakdown. All of these work in unison to get the body to its normal functioning state.


It’s worthy of note that PMS is very complex. Every woman experiences symptoms different from the other. As such, what works for woman A may not work for woman B. However, the conclusion on the potency of CBD oil is drawn from a 75% population of women.

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