There has been growing attention towards the understanding of Cannabidiol, known as CBD. This is due to recent studies being carried out by researchers now more than ever before and the claims by several users of the potency and amazing health benefits of CBD.

Although there seems to be more information on Cannabidiol, there still exists a form of misconceptions and mix-up between the types of Cannabidiol. Well, if you have been confused at a point in time or you just want a clearer understanding of the difference between Cannabis CBD and CBD Hemp, then read on as you stand to get the clarification you need to get a better grasp of the distinction.

What is Cannabis CBD?

First, cannabis itself is a flowering plant, often known for its psychoactive compounds. It has over 120 chemical compounds, often referred to as Cannabidiol, a thick substance from the Cannabis plant. The chemicals are capable of causing drug-like reactions in an individual’s body system.

While cannabis contains several chemical compounds, the two major ones making the headlines are Cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is the primary psychoactive component in cannabis; it has a concentration of distinct phytochemical compositions with varying uses. This psychoactive compound that exists in cannabis is quite much and capable of making people get high. For cannabis to give the user the “high” feeling, its THC concentration must be higher than 0.3%. The cannabis CBD is thus a cannabidiol compound that contains a greater amount of THC capable of causing psychoactive responses in its users.

What is Hemp CBD?

Hemp is a plant with seed-producing flowers. It is thin and erect. Hemp is sometimes referred to as industrial hemp because it is usually planted for industrial purposes due to its richness in fiber, making it very instrumental for industrial usage. More so, it is grown for medical reasons as well as many other purposes. It is also a plant with edible seeds. It is a variety of cannabis known as Cannabis Sativa.

The Hemp plant contains CBD and THC. However, the Hemp plant contains THC at a very minimal level which is below 0.3%. The low concentration of THC in Hemp plants makes it not to be intoxicating, and because of this, hemp has been deemed more legal across the world than cannabis. However, this legal framework differs from country to country as well as locally.

Cannabis CBD vs CBD Hemp

Having clarified the meaning of Cannabis and Hemp, it is clear that although both plants are of the same family and have similar chemical compounds, there is a significant difference in the concentration level of THC. Some other differences that could be pointed out are:

  • Cannabis CBD can result in “high” feelings while CBD Hemp does not result in such feelings
  • Cannabis CBD is generally classified as illegal, while CBD Hemp has gained and is gaining more legal approval.
  • Cannabis CBD is not as widely used as Hemp CBD due to its intoxicating effect.
  • Conclusively, the dividing line between Cannabis CBD and CBD Hemp hangs on the level of the concentration of THC.