5 Top-rated CBD for Skin Care Products Available Online

Now that nearly everyone knows the benefits of cannabidiol products to the skin, it is time to get these products to your home. No matter your geographical location, you might be surprised to find out that these CBD products are just a click away. Here are the 5 top-rated CBD for skin care products that you can purchase online conveniently.

Lazarus Naturals CBD Body + Massage Oil

This is one of the top-rated CBD for skin care products in the United States. Its formula includes jojoba, coconut, and almond oils which are known for their magic action on skin health. The ingredients are locally produced from Lazarus farm while some others are supplied by farmers in Oregon, USA. This product is available as an oil packaged in a 62.5 ml bottle and contains 500mg of CBD. You can always order online at Lazarus Naturals shop.

Papa & Barkley Relief Body Oil

Known for its strong scent, this relief body oil is one of the best-selling products in Papa & Barkley’s portfolio. It has a carefully formulated constitution of tea tree, lavender, and eucalyptus ingredients. Papa & Barkley Relief Body Oil is packaged in a 60-ml cream-colored bottle and contains 400mg of cannabidiol. You will identify and order this CBD for skin care product easily at Papa & Barkley’s online shop.

Lord Jones CBD Body Lotion

For massage enthusiasts, Lord Jones CBD Body Lotion provides an alternative to your favorite oils. You can choose to use oil or lotion. Lord Jones CBD Body Lotion is packaged in a 30-ml bottle and contains 200mg of CBD. According to user reviews and manufacturer’s product description, this lotion generates a cooling effect on your skin during the massage process. For convenience, you can buy this product online from Lord Jones shop.

Empower CBD Luxury Body Oil

This is a high potency massage oil available in physical and online shops. It has a strong scented aroma derived from a carefully formulated mixture of bergamot, lavender, and wintergreen ingredients. You will not find any artificial fragrance in this oil. It is also vegan friendly. Buy this from Empower’s online shop.

Juna Ease Functional Body Oil

One of the top-rated CBD for skin care products! The Juna Ease Functional Body Oil is packaged in 50-ml translucent bottle with 400mg of CBD. It is a purely organic oil derived from turmeric, bergamot, geranium, lavender, and jojoba oils. Buy this non-GMO vegan-friendly body oil from the official Juna shop online.


This article highlights 5 top-rated CBD for skin care products that you can buy conveniently from the manufacturer’s official online shops. Whether you want an oil-based or lotion-based product, you have the choice to go for one of the featured brands. Notably, only Lord Jones’ CBD Body Lotion exists as a lotion rather than an oil. Therefore, you can simply purchase this product if you are least interested in oils. The other four CBD for skin care products are presented as oils and would be ideal for people who love it.